Monday, May 23, 2011

Season Delays

As we all know the amount of rain we have been getting this spring has been monumental as far as the impact it has made in the realm of growing anything on time! Even the crops that have been seeded in the greenhouse, potted up to bigger sizes, when planted in the fields on days dry enough to til, they have been sitting there with cold feet. I have been using row covers to manage some of the cool nights and then planting more to make up for what I was afraid of-a delayed harvest this year.

What this means is that the harvest season will be extended by two weeks, as it will begin two weeks later. Now it's not to say that all of a sudden we get 70 plus degree weather by some miracle. If there is enough out there to justify a trip for you to come out and get more than a bundle of radishes, I will certainly be calling you all to arrange to pick up earlier. I just don't want to get our hopes up.

How this works is I have to make sure that there is enough of a continual harvest of items to start out the season with. If I picked everything that was ready that first week, and then the cold weather and rain continues, I will not have much of anything the next week. I don't want to cut you all short. It all has to be paced out for an even distribution cycle.
I have emailed all of our subscribers who have signed up already and have only heard back from a few people about this announcement. Please check your email for the dates you are scheduled to pick up.

Planting updates:
As of last Friday-Summer squash transplants went in, 25 tomato plants, 10 peppers, more lettuce seeded as the slugs ate the baby ones that had a chance, more cucumbers transplanted (lemon ones), and a mesculine mix that I had planted 3 weeks ago is coming up great! A lot more spinach seedlings were transplanted, and radishes were seeded for their first time. The potatoes that were planted over a month ago are starting to show their leaves.

As of a bit over a week ago-initial cucumbers in, summer squash, 25 tomato plants, 300 more onion starts, 20 wheel barrow loads of compost moved, cilantro seeded, broccoli babies settled in, fertilize AGAIN! :) with all natural ingredients. That was just today! Yesterday was just as intense. Thank goodness for some sun!

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